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Link to some past papers on Mental Health and Society

Link to some useful things about teenagers and sexual health - for people at City University

As the site develops you will find teaching materials, useful pieces of writing, pictures and much more as I gradually learn to develop the technology. Soon the server will collapse under the weight of all the 'hits' and I shall be on my way to a successful  company flotation as thousands log on to cheerfully upload their credit card details. Or something like that.

Brown in London after a hard day lecturing

Go on, spoil yourself. Surely you don't really want to start work just yet. Visit www.zyra.org.uk  and be informed and entertained. The time will simply fly by.

In the meantime here are a few links and other resources which might be of interest.

Here is a list of my publications which is reasonably up to date - some texts are available online

Here is a picture of what happened to a student of mine who handed in coursework late.

Or, if that doesn't scare you, look what happens to repeat offenders:


If you are interested in finding out more about trepanation you might want to visit www.trepan.com which is a curious site authored by a group of people who believe it is a good idea. It might be a useful teaching exercise to see if you can spot what's wrong with their knowledge of anatomy and physiology. However, they do have some interesting articles about the historical aspects of the practice and the kinds of implements which have been used.

To find out where I am click here

Link to the teaching resources pages- This is now in larger letters because some people couldn't find it.

What I do - teaching, research and supervision - can be found here. Includes links to teaching resources.

A list of material concerned with psychiatric diagnoses

Papers about mental health and stigma are this way

Material about depression is here

Link to materials relating to social work lecture on psychosocial assessment

Link to resources on birth

List of materials concerned with child abuse and protection

A list of useful publications: The brown library

The homelessness list - more papers on homelessness.

A few items about polyamory

The schizophrenia list

Material on anxiety

A list of sites and resources relating to 'self injury'

A load of stuff about domestic violence

A list of material concerned with illness experience can be seen here

The creative therapies in palliative care can be seen here

A few items about mental health and policing are here

Finally, there are some links to materials dealing with eating disorders and culture here.